A letter to you, dads.

The other day I found a meme on ScaryMommy’s Instagram. It was one of those predictive text memes, which I like to do every now and then. The meme said, “I couldn’t live without _______. Use your predictive text to finish the sentence.” Finishing these types of memes usually end up in laughs.

My predictive text finished the sentence like this, “I couldn’t live without my dad.”


I sat on my bed, stared at the sentence, and I teared up in thankfulness that my father means the world to me.

Dads, you are so much more than you realize.

Yes, you provide. You work long hours to make sure your family has their needs met. But dads, what may seem physical, is so much more. Yes, there’s a roof, food, and clothes on your family’s back, but through your hard work, you’re making a house a home. You’re making sure we have everything we need to keep on going on. You’re making sure your children have food to fuel their souls. You’re making sure your wife has food to keep up with her kids. You’re making sure your family has clothes. You’re making sure that the house is a safe place for your family to come home to, where all their needs are met. Thank you.

Yes, you fix things. You get a lot of calls about broken things. The leak in the bathroom, the power outage, the broken garbage disposal, the dead car battery, and the list goes on and on. You come home from work, or work on those broken things on your off days. Your handiness helps keep our house running smoothly so we do not have to go without. Thank you.

Yes, you fix physical things, but you also fix emotional needs. When your child loses at a sporting event, you’re there to tell him or her that it’s going to be ok. When your child has a broken heart, you might not know what to say, but your presence and your arms around them help mend their brokenness. When your wife has a hard day, you’re there to tell her that it will be ok, and your arms around her help her world feel whole and alright again. When there is a family issue, we look to you to help us mend, because even though you might not know what to say, your presence is calming. It helps us feel safe. You are our safety. Thank you.

Yes, you love, and your love is like no other. Your gentle firmness, and your firm yet loving words create a love like no other. You love so gently, but with a fierce firmness that teaches our children how to respect. Your words help our children figure out where they fit into the world and how to treat the world. Your words are firm to guide our children in the right direction, yet your words contain the fullness of gentle and caring tones to let our children know that although they are being disciplined, they are loved no matter what. Thank you.


Husbands and dads, happy Father’s Day. Know your worth. Take pride in what you bring into your family dynamic. You’re more than what you realize. Your job is far from easy. You’re a provider of both physical needs and emotional needs. You fix physical things, but you also mend our hearts when we are broken. You love, and your love helps shapes our children, it helps shapes our home. You carry a lot on your shoulders, dads and husbands. Your roles are exhausting, and I know you’re tired, but thank you for not giving up. Thank you for continuing to pursue your role with pride. Continue doing what you’re doing because what you does not go unnoticed. In fact, your role shapes and molds and holds us together, thank you.


To Ricardo and dad, the men who shape, mold, and hold me together, I love you.

Your role as a papa and father mold my children. Your role as a papa and father shape me into the successful woman I am, and the successful people my children will be. Your role as a papa and father hold me together when I feel my lowest. You love me and my children like no other. I’m the lucky one.







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