DIY Industrial Shelves

Deciding on wall decor can be tough, especially if you’re like me. I don’t like to commit to a nail hole in my wall because I change my mind….A LOT. With my newly painted kitchen, I needed to not mess up the walls with nail holes! The perfect solution to my commit issues is shelves because I can change the decor on the shelves whenever I feel like it, without filling in nail holes every time I change my mind.


But of course, I ran into a problem. Shelves found at the store are B O R I N G and they’re EXPENSIVE. My goodness. Good shelving shouldn’t be so plain and expensive. Naturally, I get on Pinterest and I see a ton of people have made their own shelves. DIY cute, inexpensive, shelves. That’s right up my alley!

What you’ll need:

  • eight size 3/4 caps
  • eight size 3/4 nipples
  • eight size 3/4 floor flanges
  • four pieces of 6/4 wood cut at 30 inches
  • dry wall screws (Get the dark brown/black screws if you plan to spray paint your metal pieces dark)
  • spray paint (I used Rust-Oleum dark walnut in satin)
  • stain (I used the color American Walnut)
  • drill

Soo, now you’re thinking. WHAT ARE NIPPLES, FLOOR FLANGES, AND CAPS AND WHERE DO I FIND THEM. Maybe you’re not thinking that, but I know I thought it when I found a blog post about the DIY industrial shelves! No fear, I will help you!

IMG_0734This is the bar that you make to place your shelves on. The very top of the bar is a cap.  The long middle rod is a nipple.  The flat circular piece is a floor flange. To assemble, take the nipple, screw it into the floor flange, then screw on the cap. WHA-LA. It’s that easy! Well, I lied, a little. The darn things have stickers on them that are VERY hard to get off. I took a knife, cut them off, then used GOO Gone to get the rest of the gunk off. This part is a little frustrating, but it could be worse, right?

So where do you find these lovely parts at Home Depot or Lowes? THE PLUMMING ISLE! Now, you can get the color black, which I would recommend, but they did not have enough black for the parts I needed. I thought I would try and use a silver one, and if it didn’t work then I would take them back, but they work just fine! Don’t stress yourself out over a black cap versus a silver one. Now, you buy eight of each part, and I want you to be prepared because I wasn’t. It cost me about fifty-six dollars for the hardware. Not including the wood for the shelves, I was kind of irritated until I looked these shelves up on Etsy and on Google and found that they would cost WAYYYYYYY more than what I paid for mine. Altogether I probably spent about eighty bucks for four unique and good quality shelves

    IMG_0732All size 3/4 parts. From the bottom up, floor flange, cap, nipple. Again, it is ok to have silver parts! You will spray paint them.     STEPS TO THE PROCESS:1. Clean off the stickers and the goo. 2. Assemble the metal pieces (flange, nipple, cap, in that order).3. Spray paint your metal!4. Sand the wood for your shelves.5. Stain the wood.6. Drill your metal pieces into the wall.7. Place your stained wood on the metal pieces.8. DECORATE! TIPS FOR HANGING YOUR SHELVES:
    Use a level. USE A LEVEL. This will save you from the headache of crooked shelves. Look for a stud. If you’re not using a stud, use anchors. The shelves are kind of heavy, so you want to protect your walls.Give your shelves some room to over hang. We gave ours about five inches for a dramatic over hang, but you could go as small as two and a half to three inches if you wish. Before you decide to start drilling, fill any previous holes you have on your wall. Slow and steady wins the race. Drill pilot holes. After you drill eyeball it, level it. If it’s crooked, patch up the hole and try again.
    If possible, hang the shelves with someone. Although the level works well, it’s nice to have a friend/spouse to help you eyeball it. I could not have completed this project without my R. He is amazing and was so patient! Lastly, enjoy your shelves AND your hard work!



    From my farmhouse to yours, happy crafting.

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