DIY Groceries Sign


I’ve always been obsessed with these vintage-feel type of signs, and I have always wanted one above my pantry. The problem is that the space above my pantry isn’t as lengthy as the signs I have seen. But one day, I was strolling through Wal-Mart, and I found a little wooden sign that was the perfect size for the space above my pantry.

Groceries sign 1

And the best part? This board was around five dollars. Accurate length for the space above my pantry? Check. The price being awesome? Check. It’s a win-win.

I wanted the sign to have a vintage feel, so I decided to stain it before I spray painted it white. Then, I sanded it a little so that the sign wouldn’t be stark white, and it would have more of that vintage-feel that I adore so much.

After it dried, I went upstairs to my craft room and used my Cricut machine. I really do not use this machine a lot, but I love it when I do. You DIYers out there should invest in this machine! It is wonderful! Anyway. I used Baskerville Old Face font, and Google searched cow SVG to create my image. I added the image of the cow to my gallery, typed the word, GROCERIES and set black Cricut vinyl on the sticky mat. My little helper, O, always likes to press the flashing “GO” button. He’s a great craft side man.

After the machine got done cutting, I weeded it. Simple job. Simple craft.

Now, to transfer the images. When I first got my Cricut, I noticed how expensive the transfer tape was. I googled an alternative way to transfer the images that I have cut out of vinyl. I found that Glad Press’n Seal does the job! Now, it’s not as easy to use as transfer tape, but hey, it’s cheap, and I’ve had this same roll since I got my Cricut machine back in 2015. Simply take a piece of Press’n Seal and set it over the paper that the vinyl was cut on and use either a credit card or the tool in the picture above to transfer the image onto the Press’n Seal. Then transfer the image from the Press’n Seal onto your canvas. This canvas is NOT easy to work with. I had the hardest time getting my image to transfer, but with patience, it all came together.

unnamed (26)

Now. As most of you know, I recently painted my kitchen. I am in love with the color, but some of my old decor had to go. The reason I made this sign was mainly because the previous decor I had above my pantry just didn’t fit in the scheme of things. It was too…bold?

The letters were originally a metallic silver before I had painted the kitchen, but I thought if I spray painted them a different color, they would look better. Well, I was wrong. The words were too bold, and they did not match the farmhouse theme I’m going for. (Notice the little head in the picture. O is always around making cameos, it appears.)

I hung my new sign with command strips right where the old “EAT” was, and I sat back and fell in love with what I created.

Now. If you don’t have a Cricut, don’t fret. Use stencils to create a sign! Be creative. Seriously, Wal-Mart has tons of these canvases for you to play with! Go create!


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