DIY Blanket Ladder

I have to admit, the first time I laid eyes on a blanket ladder I was unimpressed. I was like, “No. That doesn’t make sense. A ladder that holds a blanket? No.”

Yes, debby downer over here, I’m aware.

But I eventually came around to the whole blanket ladder idea, because every time I tried to organize or put up my blankets in my living looked unorganized and just unappealing.

Let’s see, I tried using a basket for blankets, and well I had too many of them. Even if I folded them nicely, they all hung out of the basket and then whenever someone would try to get a blanket, my OCD got the best of me, because the blankets would fall out, or they all wouldn’t be folded the same way. My brain just couldn’t do it.

Next I tried just nicely folding them over the couch. Nope. NO. NAH. First of all, I only have two couches in my living room, so I could only put two blankets over the couch, so the others got shoved into my pathetic basket. Secondly, when someone sat down or breathed on the thing the dang cover would get crooked, and guess what? My OCD couldn’t handle that either. The other dilemma I faced what that it would fall behind the couch and I would forget I even had a blanket there in the first place, and find it a month later when I’m cleaning behind the couch. Yep.

So I search Pinterest- Blanket organization..and I found that the blanket ladder now seemed appealing. So I set out to create my own. I looked on Pinterest solely for ideas on how they looked, then I took the bull by the horns and just did the thing.

Here’s the great part- THIS PROJECT WAS ESSENTIALLY FREE FOR ME. Yes boys and girls. F.R.E.E. Why? How? Well, let me tell you how: You see I’m living in a developing neighborhood. They have a dumpster by the houses they are building. The other day while I was walking with R and O, well, we noticed that they are just throwing away wood. Wood that needs a little loving, but wood that can be worked with. Well, the other day I drove the truck right up to the dumpster and got in that thing. Yes. I realized I looked like a crazy person. Yes, my newly moved in neighbors were probably thinking that they have a crazy dumpster diver down the street, but I had a plan if they walked out on me, and it goes like this (hypothetically)*:

Neighbor: *walks out of house to get the mail and notices that a person is in the dumpster across from their house. They smile awkwardly and wave because that is what neighbors do.)


Neighbor: *Smiles in attempt to get away from their crazy dumpster diver neighbor*

Me: “Oh, I’m a huge DIYer and uh, I just thought I would take advantage of the wood?”

Neighbor: *Runs inside as fast as they can*

Me: “Well, at least I explained myself.”

Yeah, in my mind that would have made things a little better, but thankfully the neighbors weren’t home and I just prayed that the Lord God would not send a car down my road. Ya’ll my prayers were answered because I dumpster dived in peace.

So take a gander at my loot. Pretty impressive huh? Guess what? I made my blanket ladder out of this wood, so although I risked my neighborly rapport, I think it was worth it. O was pretty excited, too.

So, let’s get down to business (to defeat the huns) (Mulan, anyone?). Ok onto the blanket ladder business.


  • 2 2x4s – cut around 56″ (Cut to your heart’s desire, though.)
  • 3 .5x4s- cut at 19 inches (yes, a weird measurement on my end, but that is because I took it from the leftover pallets from the construction. Here is my tip: use 1×4 wood because those are much easier to find (: )
  • 1-1/4 dry wall screws. (Yes, dry wall, because it is what I had and they matched my wood stain! BUT! You can buy wood screws for this project just as easily.)
  • Varathane wood stain in ebony (Yes, it’s me again being obnoxious in the supply list, but use whatever color stain you want. Seriously, you can not go wrong!)
  • Wood filler (just in case!)
  • Sander and sand paper
  • Hand saw or miter saw OR..the worker at home depot will do this job for you. 

unnamed (2)

Oh, excuse the hammer, my free wood had some nails in it I needed to gut out. Fill your holes as needed, but hopefully if you bought the wood you are “hole-free”

unnamed (5)
Now, if you get the Home Depot worker to do this your project time will be cut in half. This little hand saw looks easy to maneuver, but I beg to differ. Thankfully R came to the rescue. 



unnamed (9)
My awkward, ugly little pieces of wood are ready to be sanded and stained. Sand until you can run your fingers over it and it feels smooth. I only did one coat of stain, but that was because my stain was sooooo dark. Read the label and follow instructions on your choice of stain. 


Use a rag to stain with. It’s a trick that my dad showed me. Wait an hour between re-coats or moving forward. Also, use a glove because this job is messayyyy. After sanding and staining, stand back and admire your work..then be kind of sad that you have to do this for way more pieces of wood than just one.

unnamed (7)
Admire your work, and your messy garage?? Then get to work on the small pieces of wood. Sand those suckers, stain, wait to dry. 
unnamed (8)
Now, I’m sure you can do some fancy mathamatics on this part, but I decided to eyeball it. Here are some things to take into consideration: How big are your blankets? How long are your blankets? Those things will help you decide the distance between the “steps” of the ladder. I did about twenty inches between my “steps”. Drill a pilot hole, then put in your screws. Use four for each “step”, so two for each corner of the “step”. Use a leveler to make sure you are putting the “steps” on straight. 

After attaching all of your screws. Find the perfect spot in your house and admire your handiwork.

Last step, take pictures and REALLY admire what you’ve done. Yes, that is the super annoying basket I have beside my ladder, but that is all a stage- no one touches the basket, and if they do my OCD might cry. I eventually want a wire basket, buuuuuuutttt I haven’t found one for a decent price. I’ll find one eventually!

*Folding tip- fold your blankets in half vertically, then in half again horizontally. Then fold over a “step”. THEN tuck the ends of the blankets behind the one under it.

Now, I have a ton of fall/autumn themes in my house. I REALLLLLLLYYY need to invest in some colorful blankets, what are you favorite farmhouse colors for summer?

Happy crafting!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. KayLene Leato says:

    I’m with you on the organizing the blankets, I tried but they still end up a mess all around the living room. This is so cute!! Now I want to make one!


    1. ellebhannah says:

      You should! They are so easy to make. In fact, I’m making another one for our master bedroom!


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