DIY Boxwood wreath.

Ah, the “green” wreath (at least that is what I called it when I was on an avid hunt for one). I believe it’s a farmhouse trophy, the staple of farmhouse decor. At least that is what I think it is, because I see it in EVERY.SINGLE.FARMHOUSE.PINTEREST.POST.

Obviously I liked it, because my immediate reaction was, “I NEED ONE NOW.” I looked online, and honestly they were too expensive for my taste. I even found one at an antique shop! Ya’ll this thing was maybe five inches tall, and it was twenty five dollars. So of course, I hop on Pinterest. I search, “DIY green wreaths”. Ya’ll don’t judge me, I had no idea these wreaths were called boxwood or magnolia wreaths. I just saw the common factor and I went for it, and guess what? It worked. Pinterest knows me oh so well.

So all I did was save that little post. Yup. I did not even read it. I guess I needed proof that a “green wreath” could be done. After I saved my post, I waited. What for? Oh you know, HALF OFF ON FLORAL STEMS AT HOBBY LOBBY. As soon as my app told me that the floral stems would be half off, I hauled myself and my handy dandy sidekick, my five year old, off to the store.

Before I head on into the supply list and what not, let me just tell you…this project is not necessarily “easy”, and if you are a little perfectionist like I am, be prepared. The floral stems are a tad bit stiff, and formatting them around the foam wreath is kind of hard. Also, you want to make sure to fill the whole entire foam wreath, and you want those floral stems to go in the same direction. Yes. This is a tedious process, but it is worth it.

Supply list:

  • 10 boxwood floral stems
  • green styrofoam wreath (I used a ten inch)
  • pliers
  • hot glue gun

This is all you need! At hobby lobby I got my floral stems for $5.99 BUT they were half off. Ya’ll. If you decide to take on this project..wait for that sweet, sweet, sale.


DO NOT TRY TO USE THE WHOLE FLORAL STEM FOR THE FOAM WREATH. I tried because I wanted to cheat and get it done sooner. It doesn’t work, so don’t be a cheater like me. Cut each of the individual stems off and glue. Take your time, and try to enjoy the process.

This is the window mirror I wanted to hang my wreath on. If you look in the picture, it sits right at my entry way. (Ya’ll this mirror is another DIY project I’ll have to share.)

THEN YOU HANG AND ENJOY YOUR WORK. Originally I used a command strip for to hang. Well, that did not work. So I sucked it up and bought a clear wreath hanger!


Your hands definitely get a little green after this project. AND LOOK AT THAT SWEET FUR BABY!

Ya’ll enjoy crafting. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the result.

Happy crafting!


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