Hi, I’m Hannah.


Hey there! 

I’m Hannah, lover of:

my family, my home, writing, creating

and kindness.

I’m married to my absolute best friend in the world (barf, sappy…right?). We have two beautiful babes of whom I talk a lot about on this blog.

What you’ll find here

A little bit of everything.

But most importantly, I hope you find something that you can connect to and help you through whatever valley or mountain you’re going through.

I love to write. I love using words to connect to people, to help people, to encourage people. I love writing to help people laugh, to help them feel like they’re not alone, to be a friend.

You’ll read about my family. You’ll read about my marriage. You’ll read about raw motherhood.

You’ll also read about my projects as I create my house into a home. Hopefully it will inspire you to create your own projects and spark creativity.

You’ll read about life. Real life.

My why

Bloggers are all over the internet. I’m not here to sell you a million sponsored items. I’m here because when I was a new mom at the age of 19, bloggers helped me feel like I wasn’t alone. Tons of bloggers sparked my creativity. Tons of bloggers had marriage advice and motherhood advice that encouraged me. The blogging community is a great place to reach out for help and encouragement, and I want to share that joy, that spark, that encouragement, and that wisdom.